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Welcome to the new look Figures In Comfort websiteAs the title says, welcome to the new look website. You will find all of your favourite FIC items st...

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Land Product Name Product price
53be2b88aabb5 4in Elevated Smoke Cloud Template £4.80 (inc VAT)£4.00 (exc VAT)
53be2c3580e09 6in Elevated Artillery Template £8.50 (inc VAT)£7.08 (exc VAT)
53be2d19268c0 6in Elevated Smoke Barrage Template £8.50 (inc VAT)£7.08 (exc VAT)
53be2de37aa59 AA Gun Markers £4.50 (inc VAT)£3.75 (exc VAT)
53be2e5d3a82b ACW Fire Arc Template £8.00 (inc VAT)£6.67 (exc VAT)
53be2efe6290b Age of Musket Artillery Set £18.50 (inc VAT)£15.42 (exc VAT)
53be2f5bb2c1e Age or Musket Token Set £17.50 (inc VAT)£14.58 (exc VAT)
53be2fc030d72 Air Combat: Ground Target/AA Set £15.00 (inc VAT)£12.50 (exc VAT)
53be301532e33 Arrow Volley Tokens £5.00 (inc VAT)£4.17 (exc VAT)
53be3069576e9 Artillery Strike Marker, Large £7.50 (inc VAT)£6.25 (exc VAT)
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