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Product Name: Deluxe Flight Stand, Double Riser [AFS035]


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1 multi-part deluxe flight stand with two clip on risers. The flight stand has a 1.5-inch hexagon base, 2x 2-inch high risers with 7 slots and a 2.5-inch flight peg. This deluxe flight stand uses a variety of clip on status indicators to use during your games to track the condition of each aircraft. The status clip-ons include: 1x cloud for use during normal operation, 1x gear to show mechanical damage, 1x smoke trail to show major damage, 1x flame trail to show the aircraft is on fire and four colour speed indicator clips. You can use these different colours to show squadrons of planes, or use them for multiple players in the game, up to four players.

These clips are used with the vertical risers with seven slots to show the altitude and the speed of the aircraft. Simply use the clip for the status of the plane, and place it in the correct slot for the altitude on the back riser of the plane during the game. For the aircraft speed, use the pointer clips on the front riser, moving them higher to show a faster speed. There are four different colours of speed indicators. This is a great visual representation of the elevation, condition and speed of each aircraft in the game, and is much more tidy than using several different tokens, and much easier than keeping notes!

price :
£4.50 (inc VAT ) £3.75 (exc VAT )